Dangers of antibacterial/microbial products in everyday life

     I used to be an avid user of antibacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer. I was the mom who purell'd every surface my kids would come into contact with and we washed our hands frequently throughout the day with antibacterial soap. I stopped these practices years ago because the reading I have done suggests that people who are exposed to germs have healthier immune systems than people who live "antiseptic" lifestyles, and there is even evidence to suggest that children who grow up in a "sterile" environment are more prone to allergies and asthma. My kids get sick less often now than they did back then, and my younger children (whom did not grow up with antibacterial products) have fewer allergies than my oldest. It's not concrete evidence, by any means, but it is enough for this mama to feel good about her choice.
     In addition to being linked to long-term health issues, the main ingredient in most antibacterial products -Triclosan- has been shown to have disastrous effects on the eco-system as is described in this article on BeyondPesticides.org.